What a Year! 

January 2017

2016 began with an invitation to return to the United Solo Festival in NYC as an Encore Performance. And we wrapped up with two sold-out shows in October and November! A highlight was our terrific write up in BroadwayWorld.com. The Bubbe couldn’t have said it any better.

Here We Go Again 

July 2016

Revving up for United Solo 2016. Returning for a second year at a festival means at least I know the ropes, so every single thing won’t be brand new. Working on some surprises in the script.


November 2015

Gobsmacked is the only word I can think of. Just won the Best Dramatic Script Award at the United Solo Finale Event. Sitting in the audience with 100 fellow show folks, my name is called from the stage, I go up to receive my award. Unbelievable!! First script I’ve ever written.

New York Promos 

August 2015

The Bubbe had the BEST TIME in Times Square, chatting up total strangers. New Yorkers! Nobody blinked an eye. Video Man Tyler Milliron (www.millironstudios.com) made some great promo videos.  Take a look here.

A New Gig 

July 2015

What a thrill to be accepted as part of the 6th annual United Solo Theatre Festival, just me and 149 other solo performers from 6 continents doing our thing on West 42nd Street in New York City.  Starting to get crazy-busy working with Boston-based director, Ilyse Robbins and NYC-based producer, Sara DeViney to make the show ever-tighter and better!

It’s a Fringe Wrap 

December 2014

This mini-travelogue captures some of the best memories of the remarkable Edinburgh experience. Truly an amazing adventure.

You can read it here.

Video from Scotland 

October 2014

It’s taken a while to track down my video (done by a young woman from Glasgow), and get it edited into a 3-minute clip.  This will give you a flavor of the show.

A Beautiful Review 

August 2014

Up-close and personal audience engagement is a unique aspect of Edinburgh; anyone can write and post personal reviews and comments of shows they like (or don’t like)! I am touched by the many heartfelt comments I’m receiving. Here’s one of my favorites. Reverend Shawn Clerkin, Vicar of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and a theater professor in Erie, PA introduced himself as Father Shawn and gave me a big hug after today’s show. Thank you!!

“A poignant affirmation of the challenges of life and the power of grace to overcome them. Diane Ripstein’s performance is moving and inspiring, presenting several characters from her life that reveal our shared weaknesses and mutual strengths. Using the metaphor of movement, she literally dances us through her life. Yet the discoveries she shares transcend gender, culture, and perspective. MOVE ON THE CHA-CHA’S is a wonderful hour spent with a truly beautiful person!”

First Preview Performance! 

August 2014

We’re all trying to get reviewers to come see our shows! Here’s a review from my very first preview performance (yup, still kinks to be worked out).

You can read it here.

I’m at The Fringe! 

August 2014

Marketing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an everyday affair, and you’ve got to spread the word any way you can. The scale of this Festival is HUGE.  Here’s a quickie done on my Stage Manager’s iPad.

You can watch it here.

Thanks, Watertown 

June 2014

How exciting to SELL OUT Friday and Saturday nights at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. Love that home team crowd.

My First Press 

June 2014

Before the show’s Watertown debut, I had coffee with the writer Holly Van Leuven, who produced this beautiful piece for WBUR’s The ARTery.

You can read it here.