Move on yhe Cha-Cha's, written and performed by Diane Ripstein

A Beautiful Review

Up-close and personal audience engagement is a unique aspect of Edinburgh; anyone can write and post personal reviews and comments of shows they like (or don’t like)! I am touched by the many heartfelt comments I’m receiving. Here’s one of my favorites. Reverend Shawn Clerkin, Vicar of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and a theater professor in Erie, PA introduced himself as Father Shawn and gave me a big hug after today’s show. Thank you!!

“A poignant affirmation of the challenges of life and the power of grace to overcome them. Diane Ripstein’s performance is moving and inspiring, presenting several characters from her life that reveal our shared weaknesses and mutual strengths. Using the metaphor of movement, she literally dances us through her life. Yet the discoveries she shares transcend gender, culture, and perspective. MOVE ON THE CHA-CHA’S is a wonderful hour spent with a truly beautiful person!”

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